It is simple to say we live in challenging times and that, as God’s people, we are led to help each other and our community meet and overcome these challenges … while also relishing and celebrating the good things in our lives.

Ministry at Trinity Lutheran Church continually grows to act on our relationship with God, our families, and our community … always with a focus on the Bible as the foundation of our beliefs and with the vision of growing as Christ’s Disciples as our purpose.

This relationship may be most simply described as follows:

Our relationship with God

We worship the Triune God (Father, Son and Holy Spirit) through our Sunday Worship Service, seasonal and special services, individual and corporate prayer, and Bible study.

Our relationship with our Family

We support, encourage, and challenge each other to grow in our faith and in the expresion of our faith.  Our various social and study groups, special events, prayer chain, and just going out to lunch with a friend contribute to this vision.  We are helped in supporting our own immediate and extended families by the example and action of our “family” at First.

Our relationship with our Community

We are effective and whole in our ministry only by taking our faith “outside.”  Members of Trinity Lutheran are active in their neighborhood, the community, and beyond, through opportunities sponsored by Trinity Lutheran and in their involvement with a variety of relief groups, short term ministries, outreach programs, food pantries, and other organizations where their love of Christ shows through.