Trinity Lutheran and Sacramento

The members of Trinity Lutheran Church are active in the community, and we strive to serve our neighbors with a helpful hand along with a hand simply offered in friendship.

As Christians we believe in the power of prayer.  We continually include the safety and health of our neighbors and community in our prayers.

We act on our faith in support of our prayers.  We may be able to help with a ride, hot meal, or a listening ear.  Many of our activities are intended as a “no pressure” and “no committment” way of quietly helping our neighbors.

We aren’t professional counselors, but we do listen well without judging.  If you are struggling with a difficult issue or have questions about “how God works,” please, please contact Pastor Bredeson in the Church Office for a confidential and private meeting.  If we can’t help, we will try to place you in contact with the proper resources.

Prayer Chain

Trinity Lutheran Church invites you to use our prayer chain. The prayer chain consists of a group of church members who will pray for you and your family in time of crisis or need. Your requests are taken in all seriousness and kept in strictest confidence; shared outside the chain only with your direction and permission, or in response to legal requirements.

To request prayer, call the church office at (916) 456-8701.